_DSC4895Bulwark Exterminating offers treatments for a wide variety of pests. Whether you have a specific pest that you’ve found in your home or simply want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe from invaders, Bulwark Exterminating can take care of it.

Spiders are scary. Few other pests seem to cause such a concern in the minds of humans. Whether it is due to their intimidating features or their possible lethality, spiders are often the first priority of those seeking out pest control. Many companies are unable to guarantee against spiders, claiming that the chemicals and poisons they use aren’t capable of dealing with them. Luckily, for those that have spider concerns, Bulwark Exterminating uses products and spray that allow us to guarantee that we can rid any home of spiders.

Roaches are repulsive. They have spiny legs, large antennae, shiny exoskeletons, and can grow to be about 2 inches long. They leave behind saliva, old shells, even lost body parts wherever they walk, which can be nearly anywhere in someone’s home. Roaches can also carry diseases they pick up from the unsanitary foods they eat, and people can even be allergic to them. Bulwark Exterminating has all the necessary products and equipment for dealing with cockroaches, as well as the technicians required to use them skillfully.

Ants are annoying. There is a large variety of ants they could potentially infest a home, each with their own specific behaviors. The basics will almost always remain the same for dealing with ants, but specific actions must be taken to properly handle the situation based on which ant is being dealt with. All Bulwark technicians are trained and skilled in dealing with ants, and will know exactly what measures should be taken to deal with any infestation accordingly.

Termite damage is widespread across the U.S. and is often not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. It is important to first find out if you have a problem then take care of that problem before the damage is done. There are many options for termite control, but pest control companies who claim to control termites only use one of these. Our termite specialists are trained to use multiple forms of treatment to ensure your termite problem is eliminated.

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