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A number of methods are available for treating a home containing rats. The most effective way to rid a home of rats is to use a number of these methods.

The most basic means of rat control is simple sanitation, however, this will not eliminate existing rats. Rats, just like humans, require food and water on a regular basis in order to survive, and if a home is devoid of food, including crumbs and scraps, in areas that a rat can reach, it makes it much harder for rats to live in that home. Regular cleaning in areas where food is prepared or stored is a good place to start in order to reach a level of sanitation that rats will have trouble surviving with. All food that is not being used should be stored in rat proof containers in order to take an extra measure against rats.

Rat Proofing
Rats are quite skilled at entering a home and fitting through small places. They can even squeeze through holes or cracks as small as ½ inch in size, that’s as small as a stack of only 7 quarters. Because of this, it’s imperative that all openings in a home smaller than ½ inch in size be filled with proper rat proof-materials, such as steel mesh filled with caulk or special rat-proof plugs. Also, doors and windows should be checked to see that they close tightly and are gnaw proof.

Baits are a reliable way of dealing with a rat infestation. They contain small amounts of poison, and are designed to be brought back to the rat’s nest and shared with any other rats that may be occupying the home. The poison that they contain is not strong enough or in high enough amounts to kill rats instantly, and it takes some time for the rats to ingest enough to do the job, allowing them enough time for other rats to indulge themselves in the bait. However, this can often lead to rats dying in hard to reach places, leaving dead, decaying rats in walls and ceilings.

Traps are the most commonly used method of rat control. Since there are such a large variety of traps available ranging from your standard wooden spring trap to sticky glue traps to non-lethal cage traps that allow the uninjured rats that are captured to be released in a different location. A noticeable benefit to using traps rather than baits is that the rats which are killed by traps can be easily located and reached by whoever placed the rats, where rats which are killed by baits may be difficult to locate and reach.

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